SEAS Learning Incubator (LInc) Overview and Mission


The Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has established a new Center, the SEAS Learning Incubator (SEAS LInc), whose mission is innovation of educational pedagogy in engineering and/or science.

The SEAS Learning Incubator (LInc) seeks to advance learning at SEAS and elevate SEAS as a worldwide leader in innovation in learning and teaching by: 

  1. Providing a team-based infrastructure for SEAS faculty to incubate, develop and adapt novel ideas and approaches to teaching
  2. Developing a culture of scholarship of teaching and learning (including research on learning and assessment) within SEAS and FAS
  3. Providing opportunities for faculty to learn new approaches to teaching aligned with research on how students learn

The Center activities focus on community building, education and faculty development, knowledge sharing, and dissemination. All faculty at SEAS and university wide are invited and welcome to participate in SEAS LInc activities.

The Center aims to support innovation in pedagogical methods and curriculum, and promote research that focuses on teaching, learning, and assessment in engineering and the sciences. 



 SEAS LInc Activity Report: March 2017-December 2017  SEAS LInc Activity Report: March 2017-December 2017

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